Covering the big dance event in Aarhus at April 5, 2014 – European Championship in Latin 2014 – gave me the chance to shoot some great dance pictures.

All the pictures are now almost in place at

where you find 10 different categories.

If you want to buy some of pictures for private use, which can be for
print or at social medias at the web, the price will be DKK 70 or EUR
10, if you buy from abroad.

You order the pictures via e-mail, which can be sent from my website – Contact from menu line. The
information, which I need, will be the category and number next to the
picture, if you look it up at my website. When I get the order, I will
send you the payment instructions. After receiving the payment, I will
send you the picture-files as soon as possible.

I have already served dancers all over Europe with dance pictures from international dance events.